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Bible Stuph was born on June 21st, 1998, with the first of what would become a full year's worth of daily Bible readings and a link to the Daily Devotions at Lutheran Hour Ministries. There is little I can say about the site's history that you cannot determine on your own by browsing the pages here: the devotional links have multiplied, the Bible Stuph Trivia Ticker (now with over 3,000 questions to choose from) began teasing readers in July of 1999, the Bible Gateway sponsored Bible Search page provides a quick Bible reference when you need it, and the Bible Riddler will happily send you a Bible verse by E-Mail every day. (Now if he'd only remember to tell you where that verse is from.) God has been good to Bible Stuph, I only hope that, with His help, I in turn can continue to provide something good to you.

My mission at Bible Stuph is simple: bring the Word of God to the Internet - one day at a time. The slogan "get your daily dose" was not an afterthought, and is not taken lightly. I believe we should all be in God's word daily, and to that end I provide tools and text to help you get just the daily dose of Bible Stuph that you need. Settle in for a bit. Read the daily selections. Try the trivia questions for today, play a Bible Jumble, and grab a quick devotion or two while you are here. My goal is not to overwhelm you with information, but to provide a daily helping of God's word sufficient for everyone's appetite. Get your fill and then move on; there will be plenty more tomorrow.

Reading Schedule

Our reading schedule is borrowed from Jason Johnson's Yearly Bible Read Through. If you would ever like to know where we've been or where we are going, be sure to check out the full schedule on his Web site. (The plan we use is entitled "Bible in a Year: Law, Poetry, N.T. Daily.")

We will stick to this reading schedule and reuse it every year; so if you're just getting on the bus, don't worry. With God's help, we'll make sure you get where you are going without any sudden curves along the way. If you'd like to try a different plan--or even create one of your own that others can use--check out Jason's site via the link above.