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Bible Gateway Audio Site
The Bible Gateway now provides spoken versions of the Bible in multiple languages and versions, including the complete English NIV Bible. Readings are provided in RealAudio format and thus require the RealAudio player, and are broken out by book and chapter.
The Audio Bible
contains the entire King James Version of the Bible online in RealAudio (Read by Stephen Johnston.)
is focused on the Alexander Scourby narration of the King James Bible, including both CD and MP3 versions. The site states that they will soon be posting free daily readings.
Friends and Heroes
As seen on BBC TV, Friends and Heroes are animated adventures that introduce children to the stories of the Old and New Testament. On the main site can be found lesson materials, episode descriptions, ordering instructions, and other information; while a separate Children's Site provides video clips, puzzles and quizzes, and more.
Audio Scriptures International
There are plenty of places, both on and offline, for you to hear the word of God in audio format. That is, so long as you speak English. Audio Scriptures International seeks to fix that problem by providing scriptural translations on cassette in litrerally dozens of languages from around the world. Their Web site offers examples in both RealAudio and MP3 formats.
provides the WEB Bible in MP3 format. You may download or listen to the files online; or hear a higher quality version by ordering their CD.
The Vietnamese Bible
serves up the Bible in Vietnamese in both text and audio formats. Read by Rev. Thi Nguyen, the audio readings are provided in the Windows Media (asf) format.
Bible Read
From Jason Johnson, this site is the original source of our daily reading schedule. The site has seen tremendous improvements over the years, and now features your choice of reading plan (you can even design your own, and allow others to subscribe to your personal plan) as well as an automated system that allows you to keep track of your progress.
The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
An online collection of classic Christian literature. They're looking for volunteers - maybe you will even end up helping them get these books online in the first place!
Jesus Folk
Great start page and portal resource for the online Christian. Offers links to multiple searches (Bible and Web), devotions, Bible studies and tools.
Multi-denominational, searchable sermon links from around the Web. Links are organized by the Bible book/chapter they are based on.
Like Facebook? is an online social network dedicated to the Christian community. Included are areas for Your Church, Bible lookups, Christian TV, music, and more.
Nuggets of Wisdom
A collection of Biblical truth promoting spiritual growth. The Weekly Nuggets section (also available via E-mail) contains selected inspirational and instructional Christian verses.
Search the Bible
Be sure to visit our own Bible search page, (provided by where you can search for keywords in multiple languages and Bible versions.