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Bible Trivia Questions for today (May 16th)

The daily Bible trivia/quiz questions are drawn from the scheduled daily Bible readings for today. If you haven't already, we invite you to read through the daily passages (see the side bar at left) and then test your Bible memory with the following questions. The answer to each question can be found directly in the referenced Bible verse; click the verse itself to see the text. Use the links beneath the questions to go to the previous/next day's questions, or select any day from the provided drop down list and jump directly to that day's question set. Enjoy!

3168) How many Benjamites were mustered to fight the Israelites at Gibeah?
a) About 10,000
b) About 26,000
c) About 54,000
Judges 20:13-15 NIV

3169) What special characteristic did 700 of the chosen Benjamites who fought Israel at Gibeah share?
a) They were tall
b) They were fast
c) They were left-handed
Judges 20:15-16 NIV

3170) How many Israelites were mustered to fight the Benjamites at Gibeah?
a) 28,000
b) 121,000
c) 400,000
Judges 20:17 NIV

3171) Which tribe was assigned by the LORD to be the first to fight the Benjamites?
a) Zebulun
b) Judah
c) Simeon
Judges 20:18 NIV

3172) Who ministered before the ark of the covenant in Bethel during the time the Israelites fought the Benjamites?
Judges 20:26-28 NIV

3173) To which governor in Caesarea was Paul sent after the plot to kill him In Jerusalem was uncovered?
a) Pilate
b) Felix
c) Lysias
Acts 23:23-24 NIV

3174) Who spoke to Governor Felix on behalf of Ananias and the elders in Caesarea?
a) Tertullus
b) Lysias
c) Putolomis
Acts 24:1-2 NIV