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Bible Trivia Questions for December 15th

The daily Bible trivia/quiz questions are drawn from the scheduled daily Bible readings for today. If you haven't already, we invite you to read through the daily passages (see the side bar at left) and then test your Bible memory with the following questions. The answer to each question can be found directly in the referenced Bible verse; click the verse itself to see the text. Use the links beneath the questions to go to the previous/next day's questions, or select any day from the provided drop down list and jump directly to that day's question set. Enjoy!

1846) For the king of which country was Ezekiel to mark off two roads: one leading to Rabbah and the other leading to Jerusalem?
Ezekiel 21:18-20 NIV

1847) When the king of Babylon reached the fork in the road, how did God say he would decide which road to take?
Ezekiel 21:21 NIV

1848) And which road would the King of Babylon choose?
Ezekiel 21:22 NIV

1849) "Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be __________. Therefore have I set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame."
Isaiah 50:7 NIV

1850) Who did Paul hope to send to the Philippians?
a) Barrabas
b) Timothy
c) Epaphroditus
Philippians 2:19 NIV

1851) Who did Paul send back to the Philippians, because they had heard he became ill?
a) Barrabas
b) Tychicus
c) Epaphroditus
Philippians 2:25-26 NIV