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Bible Trivia Questions for March 21st

The daily Bible trivia/quiz questions are drawn from the scheduled daily Bible readings for today. If you haven't already, we invite you to read through the daily passages (see the side bar at left) and then test your Bible memory with the following questions. The answer to each question can be found directly in the referenced Bible verse; click the verse itself to see the text. Use the links beneath the questions to go to the previous/next day's questions, or select any day from the provided drop down list and jump directly to that day's question set. Enjoy!

2683) What was the place where fire from the LORD burned the outskirts of the Israelite camp called?
a) Meribah
b) Taberah
c) Perioth
Numbers 11:1-3 NIV

2684) How many elders from among the Israelites did God annoint to assist Moses?
a) 70
b) 160
c) 240
Numbers 11:23-25 NIV

2685) Name the two elders who remained in the camp when the 70 Elders were annointed with the Spirit.
a) Eldad and Medad
b) Joshua and Nathan
c) Abihu and Nahshon
Numbers 11:25-26 NIV

2686) Who was it who suggested to Moses that Eldad and Medad should be stopped from their prophesying?
a) Aaron
b) Joshua
c) The LORD
Numbers 11:27-28 NIV

2687) When the Israelites grumbled against the LORD because there was no meat, what kind of "meat" did the LORD provide for them?
Numbers 11:31-34 NIV

2688) Who, according to the book of Numbers, was "...more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth?"
Numbers 12:3 NIV

2689) Who was made leprous by the LORD for complaining against Moses?
a) Aaron
b) Miriam
c) Joshua
Numbers 12:9-11 NIV

2690) "When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of the people are filled with schemes to do ______."
Ecclesiastes 8:11 NIV

2691) Which disciple told Jesus: "We have left everything to follow you!"
Matthew 19:27 NIV