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Bible Trivia Questions for September 25th

The daily Bible trivia/quiz questions are drawn from the scheduled daily Bible readings for today. If you haven't already, we invite you to read through the daily passages (see the side bar at left) and then test your Bible memory with the following questions. The answer to each question can be found directly in the referenced Bible verse; click the verse itself to see the text. Use the links beneath the questions to go to the previous/next day's questions, or select any day from the provided drop down list and jump directly to that day's question set. Enjoy!

1202) How long did Jehoahaz (son of Josiah) reign as king of Judah?
a) 3 months
b) 10 months
c) 1 1/2 years
2 Chronicles 36:2 NIV

1203) After the king of Egypt dethroned Jehoahaz, he imposed a levy on Jerusalem. How much silver did he require?
a) 1 ton
b) 2 1/2 tons
c) 3 3/4 tons
2 Chronicles 36:3 NIV

1204) When Eliakim was made king of Judah, what did the king of Egypt change his (Eliakim's) name to?
a) Malchiza
b) Jehoiakim
c) El-Zabad
2 Chronicles 36:4 NIV

1205) How long did Jehoiakim (brother of Jehoahaz) reign as king of Judah?
a) 8 months
b) 4 years
c) 11 years
2 Chronicles 36:5 NIV

1206) Jehoiachin succeeded Jehoiakim as king. What relation was Jehoiachin to Jehoiakim?
a) His son
b) His brother
c) His uncle
2 Chronicles 36:8 NIV

1207) How many years, did the prophet Jeremiah proclaim, would the people of Israel live in exile in Babylon?
a) 30 years
b) 70 years
c) 150 years
2 Chronicles 36:21-23 NIV

1208) Psalm 90 is attributed as a prayer of whom?
a) Moses
b) Abraham
c) David
Psalm 90:1 NIV

1209) "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of _______."
Psalm 90:12 NIV

1210) "Anyone who does not do what is right is not a ______ ___ ____; nor is anyone who does not love his brother."
1 John 3:10 NIV

1211) "This is how we know what _____ is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers."
1 John 3:16 NIV