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Want to tell a friend about Bible Stuph, but don't feel much like typing? This page can tell them for you! Just fill in your E-Mail address and your friend's E-Mail address below and click send, and it'll send your friend a message telling them all about the site. Neither your E-Mail nor your friend's will be saved or stored; they will be used only in the creation of the E-Mail message sent to your friend. A copy of the message sent to your friend appears below the form.

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Bible Stuph offers three daily NIV Bible readings which together cover the entire Bible in a single year. By reading the passages presented each day you will read through the Bible in one year's time.

Additionally, the site offers direct links to Daily Devotions from all around the 'Net, a Bible Search form (courtesy of the Bible Gateway), Bible Trivia, a daily Bible verse by E-Mail sign up form, and more!

If you do not know the person with an E-Mail address of then please disregard this E-Mail with our apologies. I have not saved your E-Mail address and I therefore cannot contact you directly.

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